CW 4222-8822


制冷量:511 - 1.060 kW

  • 螺杆式压缩机
  • 使用方便
  • 生态兼容性

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    • Flexible functioning: condensation water temperature ranging from +20°C up to +40°C, and cold water temperature from +5°C up to +20°C
    • Efficient functioning on partial loads: setting of the cooling capacity with continuous modulation (stepless) from 25% to 100%
    • Green refrigerant R134a
    • Reduced energy absorption: high efficiency shell-and-tube evaporator and condensers
    • Precision of set temperature: electronic expansion valve as a standard feature
    • Safe functioning: high and low pressure switches, high and low pressure gauges, differential pressure switch for min/max flow
    • Microprocessor control displaying key water temperature and alarms; voltage fluctuation control, phase sequence control
    • Simplified installation, with facilitated and quick startup operations

    • Condensation control valve, for optimal management of low condensation water temperature
    • Oil flow switch kit, to keep under control the correct lubrication of the compressor
    • Evaporator connections (flanged or to welded end)
    • Shock absorbers
    • Serial interface for connection with Winfactory

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