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S. Maria di Sala, Veneza
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PiovanGroup presents its new 2020 Sustainability Report. The objective? Clear, direct, and intuitive communication for all stakeholders.

S. Maria di Sala (VE), 05th May 2021 – PiovanGroup presents its 2020 Sustainability Report in a totally renewed format that speaks to technicians and the community alike.

Aware of the importance of its direct impact on the environment and role in the community, the company also intends to represent a sustainability accelerator in support of producers of finished products and converters of post-consumer plastics into new materials thanks to innovative and accessible technologies. Hence why in all its communications, PiovanGroup underscores the importance of a sustainable and circular plastics economy, in which even the end consumer plays a crucial role. Each of us must be familiar with how to properly recycle plastic so that its life cycle, in some cases, can even be infinite. In 2020 alone, nine new patents were registered for production technology using recycled plastic, with an investment in R&D equal to 3.9% of earnings.

Plastic is in fact an essential material: it is indispensable in the medical sector, it helps preserve food, limits CO2 emissions with respect to other types of packaging, and doesn’t exploit scarce resources such as forests. Suffice it to say that the energy needed to produce a plastic bottle is 33 times less than that needed to produce a glass bottle.

Plastic is 85% lighter with respect to other materials used to produce cars, commercial vehicles, trains, buses, and aeroplanes: this translates into simpler management of product logistics and reduced consumption during the handling stage.

It is estimated that plastic packaging reduces food spoilage by 94%, thus significantly contributing to minimising food waste.

“[…] The Group,” declared Nicola Piovan, Executive Chairman of Piovan S.p.A., “has increased its awareness and commitment in pursuit of its objectives for balanced, sustainable growth.

[…] The Group is constantly increasing its focus on the reuse of plastics, and is working tirelessly with the sector’s leading players to offer our customers innovative solutions using recycled or biodegradable plastic.

In this move towards a sustainable economy that brings together long-term profitability, environmental considerations and social equality, our Collaborators play a vital strategic role. Even during this difficult year, the Group has stayed true to its policy of training, development and valuing its human capital, and has laid the groundwork for further undertakings in this area.  […]” .

We have worked hard in the field of sustainability,” added Filippo Zuppichin, CEO of Piovan S.p.A., “because we believe that if we want to pursue the ambition of helping to improve our society, then we need to start with ourselves.

There are no good or bad materials, we need to make best use of each material’s characteristics, seeking to limit the problems they can potentially cause. We believe that our technologies in the field of recycling and biopolymers can help society make good and knowledgeable use of plastics.”

The Group’s Values – Customers, People and Innovation – are fundamental elements in the circular process of sustainability. Only by working in harmony with the customer is it possible to achieve our objective of environmental sustainability. People are essential and are the basis of our sustainable philosophy, in particular the Group’s collaborators. Lastly, the transition towards circular models is possible only thanks to an important and tangible commitment to the innovation of products and processes.


Read the Sustainability Report Executive Summary.