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InspectaBe has been selected as one of the finalists in the Machinery category of the prestigious award that aims to promote the spread of sustainable packaging. Specifically, InspectaBe ensures strict control over the presence of Benzene throughout the entire production chain with recycled PET.

The Sustainability Awards is the international award organised by the trade magazine Packaging Europe, which aims to spread the culture of innovation in packaging with a view to sustainability in response to such emergencies as environmental pollution and climate change. Now in its eighth year, this award in 2021 attracted 309 nominations in 8 categories with 32 finalists who will be judged by a panel of independent experts.

The result of the PiovanGroup’s constant commitment to innovation, InspectaBe is a analyzer designed to detect benzene in finished products – sheets and bottles – or semi-finished products – granules or preforms – with various percentages of rPET.

Benzene could be present in the finished product when residual traces of PVC remain in the PET after the post-consumer sorting process. InspectaBe allows measurements to be taken in just 60 minutes at the production site itself and, together with the Winfactory 4.0 management software, is a valuable ally to the Quality System, allowing a history of the measurements associated with production lots to be archived as proof of the safety of processes.

InspectaBe, with its unique, patented technology, compared to traditional gas chromatography mass spectrometry, is characterised by a simple, fast and highly automated process which reduces variability due to operator interventions and increases the number of samples.

The benefits of InspectaBe include:

  • Constant control of the production process;
  • Greatest accuracy and reproducibility of analysis, anywhere in the world;
  • Ease of use since an analysis can be done by any line operator.

The winners of the prestigious award will be announced at the Sustainability Awards Ceremony and Sustainable Packaging Summit in Nuremberg, Germany, on 29 and 30 September this year.

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