Moisture Minder

  • Automatic, simple and reliable
  • Real time reading for a quick reaction
  • On-line analysis without needing of a sample collection

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    Moisture Minder is the solution for the in-line measurement of the moisture in the plastic granules. Two models are available:

    • M5 designed especially for after-drying PET applications
    • M100, with a multi-purpose configuration, for a wide range of polymers or for pre-drying measurements.

    Moisture Minder can be used with a wide range of materials and its control includes many pre-loaded calibration curves.

    It allows complete traceability and monitoring of the production process. With integration with Winfactory 4.0, the measurements of Moisture Minder can be stored up to 10 years. Users can implement a quality system with report automatically generated and almost real-time corrective actions.

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