From 400 to 3,500 m3/h
  • Final product cost reduction
  • Auto adaptive operation for an absolute process stability
  • Suitable for a wide range of polymers, including recycled materials

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    GenesysMax is the high performance, fully automatic, mono-hopper drying system that reduces production costs and can achieve a Dew point up to -60 °C.

    It is the cutting-edge solution for:
    • Optimizing the energy usage
    • Reducing scrap thanks to an adaptive system that allows the full modulation of the process parameters, such as temperature, dew point, and flow rate of the process air, according to the production detected.

    GenesysMax is suitable to dry the main hygroscopic resin that needs dehumidification before injection molding such as PET and rPET.

    It is equipped with a PLC control system and an intuitive HMI with a display of 7”, which drives the operator in easy configuring and monitoring operations.

    GenesysMax controls different connected devices such as the primary hopper and receiver, secondary split hopper, and mold dryer.

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    Only available in:
    CN, HK, MN, KR, JP, VN, KH, TH, LA, MY, PH, ID, MM, FJ