• High precision of key parameters (water temperature, pressure, flow rate)
  • Plug & Play application
  • Autoadaptive

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    CAPchiller has been designed based on the performance requirements of machines producing caps and medical products and all applications requiring very high temperature accuracy, high water flow rates in relation to cooling capacity and high pressures.

    Typically, this performance is not met by products with standard components unless they include very large tanks and external process pumps.

    The CAPchiller designed by Thermal Care, on the other hand, is a plug-and-play solution: it is equipped with modulating compressors that allow the cooling capacity to be adapted to the thermal load required by the user, and a booster process pump with inverter that follows the application requirements in terms of pressure and water flow.
    Thanks also to the very compact double circuit, process stability is ensured even at partial loads.

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