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S. Maria di Sala, Venice
Press release

After the expansion of recent years, PiovanGroup has started a process of simplification of its brand architecture. The aim is to enhance the Group and strengthen the sense of belonging of the brands that are part of it, while respecting their history and identity, and to have one strong identity on the international market.


The multinational company, founded by Costante Piovan in 1934 as a workshop specializing in precision mechanics and dealing in polymer processing solutions since 1964, is today a leader in an increasingly complex world market. As first thriving in Italy, Piovan has since expanded globally thanks to investments and acquisitions that have enabled it to approach new markets alongside its historical ones.

Ninety years after its foundation and sixty years after the company's entry into the polymers sector, the brand architecture of PiovanGroup is strengthened in order to speak to stakeholders in different areas of the world with a clear and identifiable image while fostering the effective integration of the Group.

Essentially, the company names will not change and the upgrades shall be graphic and communicative. The Fdm, Fea, Penta, and UnaDyn brands will become Piovan Fdm, Piovan Fea, Piovan Penta, and Piovan UnaDyn. The Conair, Doteco, Pelletron and Thermal Care brands will add "PiovanGroup" as an integral part of their logos. In addition, Aquatech will operate as Thermal Care, Energys as Piovan, Progema will flow into Piovan Penta, and Republic Machine into Conair.

The pictogram will be for the exclusive use of the Group brand.

In this growth path, PiovanGroup is constantly striving to understand and satisfy customer needs, to nurture talent within the company and to create value through continuous innovation, thus consolidating the fundamental pillars on which its corporate philosophy is based.