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S. Maria di Sala, Venice
Press release

The Italian PiovanGroup acquires the American IPEG, creating the global leader, with a turn-over of almost half a billion euro, in the field of industrial automation for the processing of virgin and recycled polymers and bioresins. Closing expected within the first quarter of 2022.


Santa Maria di Sala (Venice - Italy), and Cranberry Township (U.S.A.), December 13th, 2021 - Piovan S.p.A. and IPEG, Inc. announced the signing of an agreement providing for the acquisition by Piovan of 100% of the out-standing shares of IPEG, a U.S. industrial group comprised of the four brands ConairThermalcarePelletron and Republic Machine.

The combined group will have a workforce of more than 1,800 employees and will operate 14 facilities worldwide, and would have generated pro-forma sales of over €450 million (on the basis of the results for the twelve months ended 30 September 2021).

"We are particularly pleased and proud to combine our skills with those of the IPEG Group, creating the global leader in industrial automation in the plastics sector. Two years ahead of schedule, we have doubled our size since the year of the IPO and we are confidently prepared to meet future challenges and to take advantage of any further aggregation opportunities that may arise." - says Nicola Piovan, Executive Chairman of the PiovanGroup.

"The acquisition of such an important American player and the merger of two of the largest companies in the world in the field of industrial automation for the processing of virgin and recycled polymers and bioresins will allow us to achieve important growth opportunities on a global scale." - states Filippo Zuppichin, CEO PiovanGroup - "It will also allow PiovanGroup to access a formidable customer base in North America, with the possibility - thanks to the international set up of PiovanGroup - to follow the investments of the main American multinational corporations in the world. Moreover, it will allow a faster rollout to the American market of the Group's proprietary technologies particularly in the circular economy. We are convinced that this transaction will create great value for our shareholders".

The new size will enable further growth in the area of the circular economy and investments in digitisation 4.0. The Group will continue to pursue its strategy of putting its Customers, its People and a constant approach to Innovation first.