TW – TO – TP series

  • High and constant productivity
  • Contrôle du processus constant
  • Short production stops

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    The TW, TO and TP series of Piovan mould temperature controllers has been designed to maintain at a constant temperature the mould cavities, the hydraulic oil of the injection moulding machines, the extruder screws, the calibration heads, the cylinders and calenders of thermoforming lines. Water, oil and pressurised water models operate in a wide range of temperatures, from 20°C up to 250°C.

    • Optimisation of the running costs
    • Immediate and optimal usage of the unit
    • Continuous operation and long life
    • No maintenance cost for the heaters’ control

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    Only available in:
    BR, AR, BO, CL, CO, EC, PY, PE, UY, VE
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