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Press Review



The impact of plastic is a topic that has been recently under unprecedented pressure. It is unquestionable that one of the main challenges for the plastics industry is to reduce its environmental impact by moving towards a circular economy.

For 13 years, PiovanGroup has been designing and producing complete systems to promote the use of recycled materials, investing in research in order to devise processes that will ensure the responsible transformation of raw materials, sustainable production and low environmental impact, in order to move towards a circular economy.

The use of recycled material, both as repelletised PET and PCR flakes, is something that is already a common practice in the industry. Using recycled materials means facing different challenges all along the process from the storage to the injection moulding machine inlet, from the dosing to the feeding systems.

What are the factors to be considered in processing recycled material? Piovan identifies some of the most relevant: The possible high amount of humidity especially for PET flakes, the presence of dust, difficult handling due to an irregular shape and the tendency of making bridges. Other relevant factors are the light weight, the possible presence of contaminants and the fact that the raw material is amorphous and cannot be simply dried without a preliminary process that increases the crystallinity grade.


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