Handlink+ manual coupling stationsQuick and easy operations

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Handlink+ is the manual coupling station equipped with innovative twist couplers based on a bayonet connection. What makes these couplers different is the absence of a gasket that could get in contact with plastic granules with the consequence of possible contamination and prevents any risk of decreasing the feed system performance due to the loss of vacuum.

With the new couplers of Handlink, stainless steel is the only material that is in contact with the plastic chips.

The connecting operation is quick and easy and can be done with only one hand.

The Handlink+ is equipped with a tagging system based on RFID system that includes a local LED to immediately show the status of the connection.

The tagging system allows a preliminary consistency check. If the Easy 3+ feeding system control detects an incorrect connection between source and destination, then the feeding cycle cannot start, avoiding any mistake or risk of contamination. The Handlink+ tagging system also introduces the function of cap recognition.

Thanks to this additional feature it is possible to avoid missing feeding cycles due to open material lines. In the case of a missing cap a specific alarm is generated and the operator can take the corrective action without any risk of compromising the overall performance of the feeding system. The new tagging system is designed to be fully integrated with the Easy 3 and Easy3+ controls, but special versions can be realised for customised feeding system with PLC control.

To meet any customer needs, is still available a basic version with brass threaded couplers and without tagging system.


● One hand connection and operation
● Absence of any sealing in contact with material
● No risk of contamination or of missing vacuum due to sealing wear
● Indication of the correct coupling thanks to RFID tagging system, to avoid mistakes
● Recognition of the presence of closing caps



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