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    In the food industry, constant monitoring of the relative humidity level of the air is essential to ensure the highest quality of the finished product. Dehumidifying the ambient air with the highest degree of hygiene is crucial for the transport and storage of ingredients such as flour, cocoa, milk and flavourings. With particular reference to hygroscopic substances, it is essential that the product humidity is as desired for production under all environmental conditions.

    Starting from a long experience in the food sector, the PiovanGroup has developed a range of dehumidifiers dedicated to the food industry. These dehumidification systems are specifically designed for the indirect contact of foodstuffs with process air. Specifically, the dry air avoids the stagnation of food ingredients on the walls, thus guaranteeing maximum hygiene and food safety, reducing system cleaning costs and increasing the quality of the finished product.  

    PiovanGroup dehumidifiers also avoid the contamination of food powders with external bacterial agents. Each dehumidification unit is in fact equipped with an air sanitisation system that prevents bacterial proliferation during the moisture removal phase. All the parts in contact with the process air are in stainless steel. Piovan dryers are also certified according to EC regulation 1935/2004. 

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