Pureflo receiversNew generation filterless receivers

Float block image pureflo 2017

PureFlo eliminates the need for ordinary maintenance of the vacuum receiver (filter cleaning) and improves the conveying capacity of the overall system.
The plastic granule moves through the conveying pipes carried by an airflow generated at negative pressure by a vacuum unit.
The velocity the plastic granule reaches during conveying varies between 15 metres/second at the pick-up point and 25 metres/second at the end of the line.
In a conventional solution the plastic granule enters the receiver at the end velocity, ie 25 metres/second, and stops by hitting on the inner walls of the receiver body.

The innovative and unique design of PureFlo allows the plastic granule not to keep its end velocity all the way into the receiver body but, through a Right Angle bend, to dissipate the entire kinetic force it picked up during conveyance.
The granules fall into the receiver body, where they have a residual speed of 1 metre/second. It directs the flow to the base of the receiver where the air gradually loses pressure and velocity.


● No plugged filter problems
● Simplified accessibility
● No maintenance
● Minimized cleaning

● Improved loading capacity
● Elimination of cleaning cycles
● Abrasion resistant
● No powder pollution

● Minimal installation costs
● No spare parts
● Reduced cleaning activities
● No maintenance downtime