G-ESN hot air dryingEasy-To-Use functionality

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The G and ESN series Hot Air Dryers are used to remove surface moisture from non-hygroscopic thermoplastic materials; suitable for applications involving high rates of material consumption. The heater, blower and control gear are fixed on the side of a drying hopper to form a single drying unit.
The ESN hot air generator is a separate unit, connected to the insulated drying hopper by using special high temperature flexible or rigid pipes.
The hot air dryer and hopper are usually floor-positioned and can serve one or more processing machines. The temperature control is performed by an electronic thermostat and a safety thermostat is available as an option.


G series - Flexible configuration:
● Can be installed directly on the injection moulding machines or extruders or floor/trolley mounted for mobility
● Hot air generator is integrated in board
● Can serve one or more processing machines
● Hoppers capacity from 10 to 3000 dm3

ESN series - Flexible configuration:
● Hoppers are manufactured in stainless steel to avoid risk of contamination and corrosion
● Hopper construction is accurate (no thermal dispersion, homogeneous distribution of temperature inside them hopper)


● Optimal performance
● Flexibility
● Optimal thermal insulation
● Accurate control
● Drying hoppers in stainless steel


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