Flour cooling


Designed for any production capacity 

  • For the production of biscuits and other bakery products
  • Top quality dough
  • No use of CO2 

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    Flour cooling is one of the most important processes when it comes to handling powdered ingredients and in particular products such as biscuits, brioche or other bakery products.  

    Correct management of the dough temperature, taking into account the outside weather conditions or the humidity in the air, is crucial to ensure that the dough is of the highest quality and consistent all year round, resulting in a better product. 

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    How to enhance product quality

    The objective of biscuit and snack manufacturers, and more generally of all those bakery products that involve the use of flour, is to ensure that the finished product is of consistent quality all year round, regardless of outside temperatures but also of the geographical location of the production plant.  

    The PiovanGroup proposes a solution with air technology to reach the lowest temperatures required by the customer in a simple, controlled and efficient way and guarantee the highest quality of the dough. 

    How to cool flours correctly

    Process air must be treated, filtered and dried before coming into contact with the product.
    There are various methods for cooling flour, both through more traditional techniques and through the use of more innovative, precise and reliable technologies.
    PiovanGroup has chosen to cool the flour by air in order to guarantee maximum safety for operators, reduce costs related to the maintenance and use of machinery and simplify plant management activities.

    Flour cooling is carried out also thanks to DryAir4Food, the high efficiency dryer developed by PiovanGroup which stands out for its high performance and small size. This dryer allows to dry and filter the process air. In order to reach the correct temperature, the flour can be cooled through air dryers or, alternatively, using the flash cooling technique. 

    Air cooling of flour

    There are mainly two ways of cooling flour on the market: by air or by using carbon dioxide, CO2. This last technology implies a complication of the plant with a dedicated circuit and a complex disposal. 

    The PiovanGroup proposes the simpler air-cooled solution with performances suitable also for all the processes that use Gluten Free flours.