From 400 to 5,000 m3/h

  • Final product costs reduction
  • Ideal for producing with recycled plastic
  • Absolute process stability

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    High performance, fully automatic, mono hopper drying system that reduces the production costs.

    GenesysNext is the cutting edge solution for
    • Optimising the energy usage
    • Scrap reduction thanks to continuous tracking of injection pressure

    Moisture Minder measurements, online residual humidity in plastic granules, are integrated in the GenesysNext control.

    GenesysNext is also a step toward circular economy: with PureTech filtration system, available as an option, an advance filtration of the VOC system present in the process air is possible. This is especially required in case of recycled materials that can release low boiling substances during the heating or injection process and preserve the desiccant towers.

    The control of GenesysNext is designed also to combine together two machines, with a single HMI, in order to extend the application range.

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