Made for any capacity and transportable anywhere

  • Stainless steel or aluminium silos  
  • Automated transport operations 
  • Solutions suitable for potentially explosive areas 

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    Storing raw materials while maximising safety levels and minimising the risk of contamination is crucial in all food processes.  

    Piovan Group designs and manufactures silos in stainless steel or aluminium alloy for the storage of powder or liquid materials, such as flour, sugar, glucose and chocolate. The Group produces ATEX certified monolithic silos. 

    The silos ensure automated conveying operations and can be equipped with level sensors, load cells and special filtration systems. 

    Compared to silos, practical big-bag solutions are suitable for smaller storage volumes.
    In fact, the Group also designs and manufactures fully customised, automated big-bag solutions in controlled atmosphere environments. They still guarantee hermetic closure and offer automatic emptying and tensioning systems.

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