Maxi-Vac Pump


Low maintenance, regenarative pneumatic pumps

  • Throughput rates up to 2,500PPH
  • Energy efficient
  • Available in 1.5 and 3HP

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    The Maxi-Vac Series Vacuum Pumps are low maintenance, regenerative pneumatic pumps that are powerful, compact and efficient. Requiring minimal floor space for installation, the Maxi-Vac Series is perfect for an "up and in" loading system. Designed for maximum efficiency, units are economical to install, operate and maintain.

    A centrifugal fan vacuum source makes Maxi-Vac pumps extremely energy efficient and quieter than positive displacement pump systems and in most applications a muffler is not needed. With only one moving part, Maxi-Vac Series pumps also minimize maintenance and down time. Self contained and equipped with an on board motor starter; there are no belts, sheaves, guards or oil to service.

    • Ultra-compact design
    • Quiet operation
    • Low maintenance
    • Single or multiple station configurations
    • Easy to install

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