Spare Parts

The service of spare parts supply is rapid, efficient, prompt and complete, thus ensuring the long life of the equipment and maintaining peak performance.


Thanks to a system automatically managing 15,000 various components and a selection of international express couriers, the Services Department offers an impeccable spare parts service, and ensures that every single part can be shipped anywhere in the world.

The system of spare part traceability, available on-line at, enables the customer to quickly and reliably check the status of any shipment at any time. The management and monitoring of spare parts supplies enables the company to process statistical data, which are useful for the activities of redesign or modifications in order to improve every single product.

Three modes of spare parts delivery are offered:

● Rocket delivery – the spare part is delivered to the client within 24 hours after the request
● Express delivery – the spare part is delivered within 48 hours after the request
● On demand – the part is delivered as requested

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