Madrid, Spain

Come join our presentation at 13:50, 18th of April 2018

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The 15th edition of Stretch & Shrink Film conference, the event that gathers together all key players involved in film production, will take place on 16-18 April 2018 in Madrid, Spain.

On the 18th of April at 13:50, Leonardo Garavello will deliver a presentation to introduce the evolution of the material handling systems for the smart factories of flexible film sector. According to the Industry 4.0 guidelines for the digital manufacturing, Piovan has developed new advanced technology such as the gravimetric batch blenders with continuous extrusion control and the automatic coupling stations which, in combination with the new supervision software Winfactory 4.0, help plastic film producers in the complete control of the factory, ensuring the utmost flexibility in materials management and the full supervision of the processes and of their energy sources.


Come join our presentation at 13:50, 18th of April 2018 - Melia Castilla Hotel, Madrid, Spain.

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