Mexico City

Come join our presentation at 14:45, 29th of November, 2016

Wide lapet 2016

Piovan will present at the 14th edition of LAPET conference -29-30 November, Mexico City - the resulting innovations in PET processing technology, focused on the auto-adaptability feature for the processes of drying and cooling.

PET bottle production encompasses a series of processes that starts from the delivery of the raw resin to the production plant and continues through storage, conveying, distribution, blending, drying, injection moulding and cooling. A further process may either be preform storage or bottle stretch-blow. The evolution of preform production methodologies and technologies has pushed processing performance to the limit, to the point that any of all those processes has reached maximum physical efficiency. Process control, as well, has evolved at the same high pace, so to allow the very high level of outputs and quality achievable today. The very latest development trends aim at further enhancing constancy of productivity, efficiency of operation and quality of the product. In such respect Piovan has launched a new technology development program, that started in the late 2012 and was concluded in the first half of 2015.

Come join our presentation at 14:45, 29th of November, 2016 – Mexico City.