Winfactory 4.0The supervision software for the digital factory

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Winfactory 4.0 is the production process control and management software developed by Piovan, designed to supervise the digital factory.

The integration of production, distribution and IT systems in manufacturing is the keystone of the smart factory concept. Piovan puts it into practice by evolving its process control and management software in accordance with Industry 4.0 guidelines. The new product combines the typical Winfactory supervision functions with a wide array of new ones, the building blocks for constructing a tailor-made system.

New characteristics include:
● more control of the production process: thanks to the material traceability system, which enables the customer to know, at all times, which batch of raw material has been transformed into the finished product, and where every batch is within the production process.
● interactivity and usability: the manuals of every machinery are now available on-line, and the customer can download any other machine-related document (internal operating instructions, servicing reports, etc.). In case of alarms classified as critical, an email alert can also be sent to selected users.
● flexible, secure access control: each user's profile can be set with more details and information, and access privileges can be assigned on a flexible basis using multiple criteria (based on device, layout, etc.). Security is guaranteed by functions such as auto log-off.
● state-of-the-art, customisable analysis tools: the package includes performance control tools, such as one for monitoring the conveying system's performance and degree of use, and analysis and diagnostics tools such as customisable trends, allowing the combination and comparison of different variables, or the Pareto chart for analysing the most frequent alarms.
● integrated management: line recipe management and scheduling have been introduced by groups of machines, for faster, more coherent control of the entire system, through automation of routine procedures.
● communication and data exchange: WebService is now available for on-line data exchange with the customer's MES, ERP or supervision systems. WebService has been chosen because it is a flexible, universal solution, irrespective of the programming language or hardware used.
● energy use optimisation tools: the first step in launching an intelligent energy saving plan is to find out exactly how much energy is currently being used; to do this, Piovan has developed Winenergy, the Winfactory energy monitoring tool. Winenergy can be used universally and applied to all the customer's electrical loads, meaning not just Piovan devices but also, for example, processing machines, auxiliary services, and lighting, heating or air-conditioning systems.


Piovan Group President’s message

23 March 2020 S. Maria di Sala, Venice, Italy

Dear Partners,
I would like to update all of our Stakeholders concerning the current operativity of Piovan Group during the medical emergency of COVID-19. Firstly, I want to reassure all of you that any choice and future activity have, as a primary aim, the health and safety of our Collaborators and of our Customers, duly following the regulations issued by the Governments where we operate.
All production sites, service & sales companies are operating with continuity.

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