Thermoforming series granulators

Float block image s18x42 granulator  web

Granulators in 12 standard models and over 70 versions for the fine granulation of processing wastes from the extrusion and thermoforming industry. Different drive units for energy saving or high cutting power. Quick opening and easy cleaning.

• N40-70-T; N40-90-T; N40-120-T
• N45-100-T; N45-160-T
• S60-100-T; S60-160T
• NT25-91
• NT35-120; NT35-140; NT35-160

Cutting chamber: ø 450 mm; ø 475 mm; ø 500 mm

Technical data:
• Designed for efficient size reduction of thermoforming sheets and thermoforming rejects
• Also suitable for sheet with thermoformed caps
• 12 basic models, over 70 versions available
• Models for in-line and off-line granulation
• Different motor size for energy saving or high cutting power
• Quick opening and easy cleaning

Designed for:
• Thermoforming sheets