B17 series - small size granulators

Float block image granulator b17 web

The B17 Series granulators are available in six standard models and over 50 versions for the fine granulation of processing wastes from the injection, blow moulding and extrusion industry. Provided with open or sector rotor and reversible hopper, quick opening and easy cleaning.

• B17-22-3K
• B17-38-3K

Cutting Chamber: ø 170 mm 

Technical data:
• Designed for beside the press operation (injection and blow moulding)
• 3 knives open rotor
• Reversible hopper
• Slow rotor speed (250 RPM)
• Lateral end discs which turn with the rotor
• Standard screen in stainless steel
• Quick opening and easy cleaning

• Injection
• Blow moulding
• Extrusion

Designed for:
• Small wastes from purgings and castings
• Tubes and profiles with small diameter
• Trimmings