Varyo series vacuum units Controlled vacuum generation

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Varyo, the line of vacuum units for resin conveying, adjusts loading cycle stages automatically to eliminate mechanical stress on the polymer and reduce electricity consumption.

Central vacuum units are subject to constant operation, both when on duty and on stand-by. Varyo can start and stop as necessary without compromising the life expectancy and reliability of the blower/pump or the motor drive. Resin conveyance puts the material under mechanical/physical stress. The consequence is production of powder. The adequate velocity of conveyance in the pipe is what can be achieved with Varyo. Depending on distance, elevation and quantity of material to be conveyed, Varyo can be set to provide adequate vacuum to perform the very initial phase of the loading cycle, when the material starts to move, the intermediate phase, when the material must fill up the vacuum receiver and the final phase, when the line must be purged. These phases require different vacuum levels in the line for different durations, depending on length, elevation and capacity.


● Energy efficient operation
● Reduction of dust generation
● Adjustment of vacuum for individual receiver
● Ordinary maintenance cut by 50%
● Applicable to any Piovan central resin conveying system (Easy3 or central resin conveying systems with PLC control)
● Optimised short and long distance material conveyance. Depending on the distance to the storage area Varyo optimises all operation parameters, including the energy utilization to convey the material