GenesysR high efficiency dryingNew reactor drying technology for PET

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Reactor drying is a new technology, combining rapid heating of the PET with an innovative control of the residual moisture of the resin. GenesysR operates at regular drying temperatures (170–180°C) in a dried-air environment. Unlike SSP systems, it does not increase intrinsic viscosity (IV), and can reduce drying time from seven hours to five. Energy efficiency is improved by 10W-h/kg, ensuring savings in the range of 60% and beyond compared with a conventional drying system.

AIPC Technology

The GenesysR line’s low energy use and high stability makes it ideal for high-productivity applications. It benefits from an innovative control of the residual moisture in the PET, namely Automatic Injection Pressure Control (AIPC is a patent-pending technology).

Highest Energy Efficiency 

GenesysR is the only auto-adaptive drying system capable of determining a condition of energy balance in the PET resin between drying and injection. The auto-adaptability feature of GenesysR offers two key advantages to the bottle: highest IV of the PET, obtained by the energy balance capability and lowest acetaldehyde (AA) level, obtained by the AIPC feature.

Patent pending technology


● Automatic injection pressure control
● Highest preform quality
● Stablest IMM operation
● Highest constancy of production
● Reduction of scrap rate to zero
● Highest energy efficiency of the preform system
● Advanced industrial PC based control