Genesys high efficiency dryingThe innovative drying solution for a broad range of applications

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Genesys is a single-hopper, individual or central, fully automatic drying system. It can adapt and automatically control operating parameters based on ambient temperature, initial moisture level, type and quantity of polymer, the final moisture content of the polymer, and granule size. This innovative drying system adjusts and controls optimal operating settings for the material to be dried, using only the overall amount of energy strictly required. The settings are constantly compared with the data collected by the sensors installed on the system. A patented measuring unit, located in the air supply line, adjusts and controls the air flow instantaneously and independently. The airflow is modulated automatically by the drying unit, resulting in optimum process operating conditions. 

Configurations and features
The Genesys range comes in 3 configurations SMART, PLUS and ADAPTIVE – to meet diverse operating needs. A microprocessor, controlled by a Piovan proprietary software, provides electronic control. The operator’s interface is an 7-inch, colour touch screen. The HMI offers access to all the system’s components for specific adjustments or settings.


Standard features for each configurations

7” Colour touch screen 7” Colour touch screen 7” Colour touch screen
Reduced footprint Reduced footprint Reduced footprint
Control available in 10 languages Control available in 10 languages Control available in 10 languages
  Inverter blower Inverter blower
  Airflow meter Airflow meter
  EMK water EMK water
    Regeneration by dew point
    Dew point control 
    Drying optimization (K factor)
    Regeneration w/o water
    Process by-pass
    Overdrying control



● Integral process variables control feature
● Full auto-adaptive operation
● Automatic air-flow adjust and stabilization
● Regeneration heat recovery system
● Different configurations to meet customer’s need
● Winfactory 4.0 ready


Piovan Group President’s message

23 March 2020 S. Maria di Sala, Venice, Italy

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