DP 604-615 double desiccant tower dryingPrecision and modularity

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Double desiccant tower models, with an airflow rate from 50 to 150 m3/h, supply air at a dew point lower than –50°C. The process air temperature can be set up to 200°C (HT version).


Electronic control of the process temperature with self-tuning PID algorithm that ensures high precision.

Easy utilisation:
• Simple and complete operator interface
• Microprocessor control
• Large display available in the operator’s language. It shows the functioning status of the machine as well as any possible alarm or warning message
• On the main screen the following parameters of the dryer can be monitored: Drying temperature, Set-point, Dew Point value

Flexible and modular configuration:
The operator can simply and easily increase the number of hoppers at any time. Hoppers capacity from 30 to 400 dm³; single or centralised systems.

Intelligent Energy Supervisor:
• In accordance with the effective requirements of the processing machine, the IES system optimises and adjusts the energy utilisation
• Intelligent Material Drying: optimises and adjusts the energy utilisation to prevent material thermal degradation or over-drying


● Single or Multi-hopper set up
● Temperature-control based regeneration cycle
● Dew Point Control
● Water Flow Control
● Automatic reduction of the process temperature
● Material consumption management
● Cooling stop
● Process airflow management
● Blowers and molecular sieves filtration system
● Solid state relays
● Automatic set-up of the process air safety temperature
● Completely independent process air temperature safety control (temperature probe, power control and contactor)
● Warnings for the operation of the coolers (cooling water circulation only when necessary)


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