AIPC TechnologyAutomatic Injection Pressure Control

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AIPC stands for Automatic Injection Pressure Control.
It is a very innovative control of the residual moisture in the PET, by means of which any Piovan drying system of the GP series can be connected to the preform injection moulding machine. AIPC has the capability of reading the injection pressure in real time and of stabilizing it to the desired value.

The new algorithm specifically developed by Piovan R&D can constantly adjust airflow, temperature and dew-point of the process air, so that the injection pressure be kept at the highest possible level of constancy. This feature is particularly valuable today as the new preform formats require thinner walls and therefore controlled conditions of moisture and injection pressure.

AIPC is a patent pending new invention.


● Highest preform quality with consistent IV and AA values
● Great reduction of scrap rate
● Pressure accuracy +/- 2 bar
● Fully synchronized system
● Increase of the whole system productivity
● Highest energy efficiency of the whole process