MobileDewPThe new portable Dew Point meter

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MobileDewP is the portable sensor for measuring the DewPoint of the process air in the drying systems.

For a small size dryer the installation of a dedicate DewPoint probe on board can have a big impact on the total costs of the installation; in this case MobileDewP can be the right choice: it is a portable instrument that can be easily connected to the drying circuit in order to check periodically the performances and the efficiency of the system.

MobileDewP is easily portable and can be used for many different machines, without the necessity of any preliminary setting. It is very easy to use and the reading is immediate when connected to the process.

MobileDewP is supplied complete of everything and ready to use; the package includes: connecting pipe, power feeder and a protective case for easy and safe handling. Each instrument is tested in house and a calibration certification is included.


● Easily portable
● Easy to use: switch at bottom allows an immediate navigation from one page to another
● Quick to respond when connected to the process
● Cost effective performance check of small size dryers