Dustmaster Series


Efficient Filtering of the Return Vacuum Line

  • Easy access to filters
  • Small footprint
  • Swing bolts for easy lid removal

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    The DUSTMASTER Series floor filters feature both bag and cartridge style models. A requirement on all standard conveying lines, the DUSTMASTER cartridge style floor filter features a modular design and cartridge filter elements that are easy to remove and replace without disturbing the vacuum lines. Swing bolts permit easy lid removal and a black neoprene lid gasket ensures a tight seal. Efficiently filter the return vacuum line to the positive displacement pump from the vacuum chamber being filled.

    Cartridges style features

    • Easy Access to Filters
    • Large Filter Media Area
    • Leak Proof Collection Cone
    • Small Footprint
    • Swing Bolts for Easy Lid Removal

    The DUSTMASTER bag style floor filter features industrial grade filter bags in a collection chamber that is easily removed without disturbing vacuum line connections. A leak-proof design assures a dust free environment that efficiently filters the vacuum return line to the pump from the vacuum chamber.

    Bag style features

    • Easy Access to Filters
    • Leak Proof Collection Chamber
    • Small Footprint
    • Swing Bolts for Easy Lid Removal
    • Collection Chamber Sight Glass and Handles
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