Beverage Packaging Innovation

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Piovan presents the latest technological advancements and solutions for PET resin drying: a crucial phase in modern preforms and bottles production lines.

PET bottle production encompasses a series of processes starting from the delivery of raw resin to the production plant through storage, conveying, distribution, blending, drying, injection moulding and cooling. A further process may be preform storage or bottle stretch-blow. The evolution of preform production methodologies and technologies has pushed processing performance to the limit, to the point that these processes have reached maximum physical efficiency. Process control has evolved at the same high pace, allowing the high output and quality that are achievable today.

The latest developmental trends that increasingly characterise the industry aim to further enhance constancy of productivity, efficiency of operation and product quality. Piovan launched a new technology-development programme in late 2012, which was concluded in the first half of 2015.

The resulting new innovations in PET processing technology focus on the auto-adaptability feature for the processes of drying and cooling, which Piovan first introduced to the industry in 2009. Piovan holds a patent for a high-efficiency system for dehumidifying and/or drying plastic materials, obtained in 2013, in recognition of its extensive research and results in process consistency and optimisation.


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