CR 150-4000 crystallisationReliability, dependability and efficiency of operations

Float block image crystallizers cr 200

For those production processes which use amorphous PET both of virgin granules and of regrind from bottles, containers, fibres, thermoforming sheets and strapping, Piovan provides a complete range of crystallisers, to carry out the material preparation process before the injection moulding phase or extrusion.
The models ranging from the CR 150 to the CR 4000 have been specifically developed to overcome the material glass transition temperature and to guarantee homogeneous crystallization, with no risk of sticking or formation of bridges. Once crystallized, the in-house regrind or the PCR are dosed and mixed with virgin granules by means of batch gravimetric blenders before the drying process.

Good crystallisation allows optimisation and simplification of the drying phase, with no risk of material degradation and the possibility of recovering high percentages of regrind.


• Energy efficiency
• Self-adjustment of the system
• Optimal and continuous mixing of the material
• Feeding devices
• No risk of contamination
• Rapidity in production shift