• High aesthetic and structural quality of the moulded part
  • Reduction of scraps rate and of costs for non-conformance
  • Integral control for the heating and cooling phases of the injection cycle

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    Dynatemp is an innovative Heat & Cool temperature control system. By using pressurized water, it consists of two independent circuits - one for heating and the other one for cooling- under different temperature conditions: up to 160°C in the heating phase, thanks to technologies such as magnetic driven pumps, and down to 20 °C in the cooling phase.

    It allows two phases in the moulding process:
    • mould heating, which facilitates the inflow of the melt, resulting in uniform and complete filling even of complex geometry moulds.
    • mould cooling to solidify the injected material improving the aesthetic quality, increasing geometry stability, reducing shrinkage and internal residual stress, facilitating separation of the part from the sides of the mould and for an easier part ejection.

    This avoids undesirable thermal stress of the material and greatly improves the surface quality of the moulded parts and reduces imperfections.

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