CA 4122-8722


Cooling capacity: 432 to 910 kW

  • Ambient air temperatures from -20°C up to +49°C
  • Green refrigerant R134a
  • Screw compressors

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    2 x SCREW compressor, 2 x refrigerant circuits

    The CA Series chillers provide low temperature water independent from any ambient condition. The range, designed for application in all the industrial sectors, assures maximum flexibility and energy efficient functioning.

    Flexible functioning: ambient air temperatures from -20°C up to +49°C
    Eco-compatible: green refrigerant R134a
    Reduced energy absorption and lower noise levels: screw compressors optimised for the use of R134a gas
    High energy efficiency: shell and tube evaporator developed for R134a gas
    Adjustable cooling capacity: stepless regulation from 25% to 100%
    Safe functioning: high and low pressure switches, high and low pressure gauges, metal filters on condensers, flow switch; voltage fluctuation control, phase se-quence control
    Easy to use: microprocessor control displaying key water temperature and alarms
    • Suitable for internal or external installation
    • Quick start-up operations

    • Oil flow switch kit, to keep under control the correct lubrication of the compressor
    • Evaporator connections (flanged or to welded end)
    • Shock absorbers
    • Serial interface for connection with Winfactory

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