Canadian Plastics

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The integration between the production, distribution, and information structures of the manufacturing industry is key to the "smart factory" concept- and Piovan has implemented this with the evolution of its process control and management software based on Industry 4.0 guidelines, creating communication networks with an exchange capacity well ahead of schedule to allow for connections between the various parts of the technological ecosystem. Piovan's Winfactory 4.0 can be configured in several ways. Piovan developed different modules to manage each situation, from the production of PET to flexible film preforms, or preforms for specific sectors like the medical and automotive industries with a completely customized set-up for each aspect based on the particular type of process. The possibilities of Winfactory are extended by a series of optional and on-demand functions and services - for example, tracking, OPC-UA server, remote assistance, line power, for­mula, production, and necessary material reordering management.

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