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GenesysR, the new generation of reactor drying systems by Piovan officially launched at the PETnology Forum in Nuremberg 2016. Naturally, PETplanet Insider was keen to find out more.

PETplanet: Piovan’s Genesys system delivers PET-resin drying with energy consumption 55% lower than today’s conventional resin-drying systems. GenesysR is a new product – how does it build upon this energy efficient profile?

Piovan: Reactor drying is a new technology, combining the benefits of rapid heat up of the PET with a new control of the residual moisture of the resin. Piovan was a supplier of small scale vertical tower SSP systems, a range of products that would find use in the late 80’s, early 90’s, that allowed us to learn in depth about the physical phenomenon taking place in the vertical tower (reactor) while rapidly increasing the polymer temperature. SSP takes place at temperatures of 220°C and in absence of oxygen. GenesysR operates at regular drying temperatures (170 to 180°C) in a dried air environment and, differently from what happens in an SSP process, it does not increase IV and reduce the drying time from 7 hours to 5 hours. The energy efficiency is further increased by 10Wh/ kg, it will ensure savings in the range of 60% and beyond when compared to a conventional drying system. Piovan holds the only patent ever released for high efficiency system for dehumidifying and/or drying plastic materials.

PETplanet: Is the high productivity of the Genesys maintained?

Piovan: The GenesysR line is particularly suited for high productivity applications, where the benefits of having a very low energy utilisation and a highly stable process are exploited in the highest degree. GenesysR benefits of a new control of the residual moisture in the PET, namely AIPC. AIPC stands for Automatic Injection Pressure Control. Any GenesysR system can be connected to the preform injection moulding machine and by reading the injection pressure in real time it has the capability of stabilising to the desired value. A new algorithm specifi cally developed for the AIPC can constantly adjust airflow, temperature and dew-point of the process air, so that the injection pressure be kept at the highest possible level of constancy. This feature is particularly valuable today as the new preform formats require thinner walls and therefore controlled conditions of moisture and injection pressure. AIPC is a patent pending new invention.


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