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Piovan first presented Genesys, a low-energy, high-productivity and high-constancy PETresin- drying system, in 2010. Now, unveiled to customers at the K show in October 2016, and officially launched at November’s PETnology Forum, the leading packaging technologist is offering a new and improved version. CMO Giorgio Santella tells Beverage Packaging Innovation why GenesysR represents the next generation of reactor drying systems.

Piovan’s original Genesys delivers PET-resin drying with 55% lower energy consumption than conventional systems. How does the new GenesysR build upon this profile?

Giorgio Santella: Reactor drying is a new technology, combining rapid heating of the PET with an innovative control of the residual moisture of the resin. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Piovan was a supplier of small-scale vertical tower solidstate polycondensation (SSP) systems, and this allowed it to learn in depth about the physical phenomenon taking place in the vertical tower – the reactor – while rapidly increasing the polymer temperature. SSP takes place at temperatures of 220°C, in the absence of oxygen. GenesysR operates at regular drying temperatures (170–180°C) in a dried-air environment. Unlike SSP, it does not increase intrinsic viscosity (IV), and can reduce drying time from seven hours to five. Energy efficiency is improved by 10W-h/kg, ensuring savings in the range of 60% and beyond compared with a conventional drying system. Piovan holds the only patent ever released for “high-efficiency system for dehumidifying and/or drying plastic materials”, dated 29 May 2013, EP2186613B1.


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