PETes AA AnalyzerThe benefits of the online measurement of acetaldehyde content in PET preforms

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PETes is a method of analysis that allows to measure the acetaldehyde contained in PET preforms in a simple, rapid, reliable, repetitive and repeatable manner. The whole preform is analysed, keeping the principle of the gas chromatography technology. The result is accuracy, stability and repeatability, as the analysis is not anymore subject to any preventative preparation of the sample. One more advantageous characteristic of the PETes AA Analyzer is its compactness. In one single desktop type cabinet, the unit incorporates one de-adsorption cell, one gas chromatograph, one microprocessor control and one colour LCD screen.


● Real time control of production quality parameters
● Completely automatic measurement method
● High repeatability of AA tests (RDS% 1,98)
● Extremely reliable AA data
● No need for sample preparation and sample milling