Winfactory 4.0The supervision software for the digital factory

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Winfactory 4.0 is the new software for process control and management developed by Piovan and based on the Industrie 4.0 guidelines. It has been developed using the OPC - UA protocol (Open Platform Communication - Unified Architecture), which is the one selected by the Industrie 4.0 program before issuing the specifications for the digital manufacturing system. 

Thanks to the use of this protocol, Winfactory 4.0 makes it possible to supervise and ensure dialogue between Piovan machines and machines of other manufacturers (OEM). There is no longer the need for an interface that “translates” the data provided by each device into a common format: the information exchange becomes immediate and the various systems can interact independently. A similar communication platform allows access and use of the software on tablets and smartphones.

Winfactory 4.0 can be configured according to the type of industrial process, with different modules to manage each situation: from the production of PET preforms and bottles to that of flexible film, or for specific industrial sectors such as Automotive or Medical with completely configurable setups.

Winfactory 4.0 is also set to integrate Winenergy, the system which enables the control of energy consumption of any industrial machinery in any production process.

Despite the complexity of the technological challenge, Winfactory 4.0 allows the utmost flexibility in managing equipment and processes.