MXP batch/loss-in-weight gravimetric blenders

Float block image dosatore a perdita di peso mxp

The MXP gravimetric blenders combine in one single machine the advantages of batch dosing with precise and rapid throughput adjustment of the loss-in-weight technology. MXP blenders can dose up to 6 components (virgin material, regrind, masterbatch and additives), with a total throughput of up to 1000 kg/h.
They represent the ideal solution to satisfy the requirements for dosing and process control in the extrusion field, in particular in the production of single and multi-layer blown and cast films, and of pipes. The MXP dosers allow for elimination of wastage of raw material and ensure constant quality production.

High precision and batch repeatability:
• Resolution higher than 1/100 of a gram
• Repeatability also in case of variations in granule dimensions or bulk density of the various components
• Accurate dosing also with components used in low percentages (screws of absolute precision)
• Constant control of the extrusion line’s parameters: screw speed and haul-off speed
• Edge-trim management function to optimise and automate the management of edge-trims, both with on-line and off-line recovery

Constant blend:
The spherical mixer, with no stagnation point, and the particular design of the mixing shaft, ensure a perfectly homogeneous blend and constant material flow feeding the extruder.
A series of highly performing colour touch screen panels combined with an accurate graphics design ensure excellent visualisation and a really user-friendly use of the extrusion line, of the dosers and of the data charts.

The operator can access the following functions:
• Dosing management control
• Extrusion control function
• Haul off control function
• Management of the line production data
• Alarm management
• Management of material consumption totalisers
• Recipe database
• Visualisation of thickness profile
• Visualisation of film width

Process parameters allow the operator to work in the weight/meter mode or in the mode of average thickness management. The thickness-measuring sensor (if present) displays the thickness of the film with the variation range admitted. The peaks over the limit are highlighted to allow for rapid visual evaluation of the number of points and of the wideness of the off-the-thickness.


● Rapidity in gathering data from the line and consequent adjustment of the dosing functions and the extruder control.
● No interruption of the extrusion process: it is possible to access the doser and modify the recipe, without stopping production.
● Possibility to modify the recipe while running with the adjustment of the parameters from the first batch.
● Rapid start-up procedure: the blender starts immediately dosing after selecting the recipe, and it works in the automatic mode.
● Advantage of the native integration of the measuring functions of film thickness and width