Genesys high efficiency dryingProcess control and lowest energy utilization - 69.2 Wh/kg verified by TÜV

Float block image genesys 2013

Piovan dryers are designed to work in steady conditions in all the processing phases-start up, production, standby and system shut down.
The process parameters and the Dew Point are kept constant and always at optimal levels for adequate treatment of PET. At the forefront in the development of systems that are more respectful of the environment and able to minimise and optimise energy utilisation, Piovan has developed Genesys, the new generation of dryers.
Equipped with innovative and patent-pending devices, these units are able to adjust in a completely automatic manner the functioning mode of the drying system, thus optimising the performance at the maximum.

Main features:
• Self-adjustment of the dryer to the real production requirements, by means of the elaboration of signals deriving from high resolution load cells on which the drying hopper is installed and from a special air flow measuring device developed by Piovan. The system self-adjusts the set values, thus allowing the optimisation of the drying process as well as of the usage of necessary energy
• Constant Dew Point, with no fluctuations. A device managing the process airflows (an exclusive feature of Piovan dryers) keeps the Dew Point constant and at the required values, thus optimising the energy required for the tower regeneration, with consumption savings which can be higher than 50%. Every regeneration cycle saved results in the increased duration of the molecular sieves



● Integral process variables control feature
● Full auto-adaptive operation
● Automatic air-flow adjust and stabilization
● Regeneration heat recovery system
● Utmost efficiency, no cooling water needed
● Advanced industrial PC based control